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April 19, 2006



She pinched my arm. "Come on tell me. No secrets please."
Megan's hands started running down Jeff's back, until they came to rest on his well sculpted hard ass. Massaging her hands on it made Jeff's cock start to stir. Megan felt his ass muscles tighten up and knew the effect she was having on him. Slowly she started to reach around his body to the base of his cock. Feeling his manhood in her hands, how thick and heavy he was. Drawing back only for a second to get some more lather in her hands she slowly started running her delicate hands up and down his shaft.
"Good. I'm just about there," Marti cooed.
"What happened when you took her home? You knew I wouldn't be coming home for hours … surely you were tempted to go up to her place and bonk her silly."
'Oh! I do love that Lance! Jeremy has made me very anal. He treats it like an ass-cunt. His prick is more up there than in my pussy, not as I mind, as I said, I love it.'

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