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February 05, 2007



I like your idea a lot and we are actually working on that model....check out www.samurai.fm and let me know what you think.


Ryan Stewart

Thanks Jimmy, are you coming to Ignite Seattle?

Gideon Marken

Hi - I read your comments at TechCruch and your post here and I wanted to point you towards some great electronic music :)


I'm the owner/founder - the site was originally lauched 5yrs ago, with a focus on electronic music. Then in 2005, I opened the site up to all genres and changed the name from ElectronicScene.com to ArtistServer.com - there's 19,000+ registered users, 6,500+ mp3 hosted - and the vast majority are electronic!


QUOTE: " think their is a wide open market for a social music service that recommends newly or semi popular artists and integrates them with popular artists"

I've been working on this. I grabbed the data from MusicBrainz - imported it into a different database, and later this year will roll out a new feature I'm calling "Artist Tags." It's the same as using 'tags' - except in this case, the tags are Artist/Band names.

This mimics the current behavior of music reccomendation - which tends to go like this: "Have you head of NewBandName? They sound like ThisBand and ThatBand but they rock harder and the singer..."

Once songs and artists on ArtistServer have Artist Tags, it will allow people to browse by music they already enjoy, to discover new music that they might like.


You can contact me through ArtistServer - let me know what kind of electronic music you are into, I can suggest some artists to check out on ArtistServer. I'm also an artist on the site ;) http://www.artistserver.com/sonicwallpaper

Looks like your blog covers topics I'm into - so I'm subscribing - have a good one!

(and Ryan... if you are still here... ArtistServer is all ColdFusion baby!)

- Gideon


I will absolutely be at Ignite!

Rob Roberts


You may also want to check out OurStage.com. Our mission is to help discover up-and-coming bands using the voice of the fans. More to come.


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